Mauritania Water Project

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Support ex-slave villages in Mauritania who are in dire need of clean water.

Mauritania is a country located in West Africa where over half of the population lives in poverty. Two thirds of Mauritania is covered by the Sahara Desert so access to clean water is scarce, which puts the health and wellbeing of the people living there at risk.

We have located 17 ex-slave villages living in dire circumstances who have been marginalized and denied access to basic resources.

The people here are forced to rely on contaminated water sources, which have lead to many illness and disease. Women and children often bear the brunt of the burden, taking donkeys and carts to collect clean water every few days travelling up to 10km, leaving them little time for education or other activities.

All they ask for is access to clean water.

Therefore we are appealing funds for a borehole drilling machine to create as many waterholes as needed.

By donating today, you will help be a part of providing key equipment that will empower all 17 villages and their future generations with tools to access clean water for life.

Donate an amount of your choice (minimum £35) sadaqah or lillah only. 100% donation policy and full transparency. We also invite donors to come with us and witness for themselves.

To speak to someone call the Aid 4 Ummah Blackburn office 01254 265236

Or call Salim bhai Mulla directly at 07798742027

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