Mauritania (Sahara Desert)



The ex-slaves, their livestock and crops are all suffering due to a lack of water.
We are appealing to purchase a borehole drilling machine which will benefit all 17 villages.

Build a Masjid

Despite 100% of the population being Muslim – only 1 out of the 17 villages has a small mosque.

Medical Centre

The ex-slaves are unable to access adequate healthcare – resulting in countless deaths each year.


Start generating an income through goat breeding.

Food Parcels

Feed a struggling family

25kg Rice & Oil

Most In Need

The most impoverished ex-slave families are in dire need of support.



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Build a Masjid, Most In Need, Food Parcels, Water, Medical Centre, Empowerment, 25kg Rice & Oil

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Lillah, Sadaqah, Zakaah


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